The scenario

Transporeon is a company set up in Germany in 2000. It instantly became leader in designing logistics platforms in many European countries. In 2006 it chose to invest in Italy to strengthen the e-logistic system of the latter.


After a first attempt to collaborate with a German communication agency, in spring 2007, the Company decided to turn to Italian experts and issued a call for tenders from communication agencies, won by ADV Consulting.
After the start up of the press office and media planning, the Italian press area was set up, trust relationships were established with journalists, an ad hoc advertising strategy was developed and we participated in sector trade fairs and conventions to promote the German Brand.
Over the years, the relationship grew and the Transporeon Group assigned the press office for the other two platforms to the Agency: in 2010 it added Mercareon and in 2016 Ticontract. Transporeon customers increased and so preference was given to feature articles and exclusive case histories signed by sector journalists who analyse the success cases of the Transporeon platforms.
Furthermore, the Group organises an annual event – the E-logistics Networking – which invites managers and logistic experts from all over Italy to learn about the new best practises and platform novelties.

The result

Thanks to more than 100 articles published, the advertising campaigns, relationships established with the journalists and promotional activities that have valorised the Brand, Transporeon received official recognition from Assologistica twice – the Italian Association that groups together the main companies in the sector. In 2008 and again in 2014, during a convention organised with Euromerci, Transporeon was awarded the “Logistics of the year” award for technological innovation.