MPL Communication and Annual Conferences

The scenario

MarcoPoloLine Group – an authority in the import and export sector – is an association of affiliated companies who ship and transport goods. The Group has a network of offices positioned strategically all over the world, to guarantee its clients a full, reliable service.
Since 2006 – the year when MarcoPoloLine was founded – Adv Consulting has flanked the group by handling all communication aspects.


Adv Consulting handled the design, creation and implementation of the coordinated image of MPL, starting with the study of its logo and proceeding with the set up of the newsletter, brochures, the Facebook page and website – for full communication coverage. The website’s new version is more complete, rich in dynamic, updated contents and with some novelties compared to the previous one; including the “Member Area” – enabling each member to manage their own profile – promotional banners and the newsletter in a flipping book format, which can also be consulted from a tablet and smartphone. The website was based on Responsive Web Design: all website pages adapt the layout automatically and so are viewed correctly from any support (tablet, smartphone, web tv, pc, etc.), reducing scrolling and re-sizing.
To describe the Group, since 2008, MarcoPoloLine has organised a global conference every year to present members with the results achieved and give companies the chance to meet and develop new business. These conferences have been held in Pattaya, Dubai, Istanbul, Sicily, Vietnam and South Africa. For these events, the communication agency created a fast, easy to use “OneToOne” on-line system, allowing companies to book meetings with the managers in other countries based on the speed date mode. For all conferences, Adv handled the graphics – created ad hoc every year by drawing inspiration from the country hosting the conference – designed and printed the kit dedicated to the conference, customised the hotel structure with banners and totems and organised business appointments between members. Adv Consulting dealt with all stages of event design and organisation, handling all details, trying to respond to all requests and always considering the cultural and religious differences of those taking part (companies come from all continents: China to Latin America, North to Central Europe, going through the Middle East). For example, during meetings, the Agency managed the shuttle services to/from airports, and on request organised alternative activities for those not taking part in business sessions (like a few wives and children of participants) and planned ad hoc menus for the different religions. During meetings, Adv organised several excursions and team building activities – for example, Golf and Football Tournaments – parties and gala dinners.

The result

Since the year it was founded, the Group has grown considerably, and now counts over 170 members, in a total of over 260 offices located in 90 countries.
MarcoPoloLine has become a guarantee and an important reference point in the import and export field: an international structure offering its clients a complete, efficient service. As official partner, Adv Consulting is always on the lookout for innovative ideas to satisfy all the needs of its client and group members.