Adv Consulting è stata partner ufficiale di Anffas Onlus Genova

From 2003 to 2008 Adv Consulting was the official partner of Anffas Onlus Genova.

This collaboration enabled Anffas to publicise its projects, initiatives and ideas using more effective means of communication, able to reach any type of user. That way, Adv Consulting was able to express its sensitivity towards the third sector, sustaining projects and initiatives and substantially helping Anffas express itself in the best way possible. There is a company behind each logo and each company expresses prestige, profit and ethical values. That is why Adv Consulting has recommended a new way to communicate corporate values to its clients: by sustaining no profit Associations. A social commitment by companies not only makes its clients and suppliers proud but also contributes to creating important, socially useful projects and initiatives.